4074 0 Study Abroad Open House @ LC Lowenstein Plaza (at the Club Fair) 08/29/2019 0 4075 0 Study Abroad Open House @ RH Walsh Library Lobby 09/18/2019 0 3026 0 @FordhamAbroad 0 4028 0 Did you register your international travel? All international travel sponsored by Fordham University must be registered in the my.fordham.edu Travel Registry! The registry is located in the "Home Tab." 0 4055 0 Fordham University wifi is available worldwide with EduRoam Eduroam allows Fordham University students, faculty, and staff to connect to the Internet at participating institutions in the United States and abroad, including the Fordham London Centre and University of Granada.

Access the network at www.fordham.edu/eduroam
4072 0 We are no longer accepting applications to study abroad in a Partner Program for Spring 2020. Please apply to a Fordham Exchange, Fordham in London, Fordham in Granada, or Fordham in Pretoria program. 0 4076 0 We've redesigned the Study Abroad Portal. Hope you like our new look! 0